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Individualized Program

Our unique coaching program is designed to make you not only a better runner but an overall healthier athlete. Our programs are all based on a year commitment in order to make lasting changes that will not only make you a stronger runner but a stronger woman, man, parent, wife, husband, grandma, and/or grandpa.  Our program begins with an initial consultation to understand your underlying exercise history, goals, motivations and to see if we'd be a good fit to begin working together. Our program is education based and you'll have access to our learning modules. In these modules you'll be asked to watch videos, download pdf's, and do small assignments each week. An educated runner is a stronger runner. These modules will coincide with our 12 month program. In week one you'll be tested on your movement, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and will take a sports personality test to better help our coaches craft an individualized game plan that fits your personal goals perfectly. In weeks 2-8 we'll be diving head long into your nutritional and strength programs. Our coaches are here for continual support through these weeks as you'll undergo a few changes in your exercise program and/or eating habits. Beyond week 8 you should start adapting a more consistent approach towards your health. At this point our running coaches take over and craft a running program suited for your goals. Analyzing your technique, using correct strides, and implementing the appropriate training runs is our secret sauce that enable our runners to not only enjoy the process of training but get them across the finish line injury free.


Nutritional Program

Our nutritional program is not a quick fix. Our goal is a permanent fix. We do this by chunking our goals down into bi-weekly behavior changes. There is no perfect way to eat but there is a way to eat better under your personal circumstances. If you have the motivation to change your eating habits in order to live and train healthier to increase your performance then our program and nutrition coaches will meet you where you are.

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