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Years of training athletes have taught us one thing. Smart training that takes into account the individual athletes needs are what separates the successful runner from the unsuccessful one. We build programs that will not only help you shave time off your favorite race but a program that will keep you injury free, healthy and  enable you to run and train with more enjoyment.  Our individual nutrition and training programs are our secret sauce. We think long term and build out nutrition, strength and running programs that take into account all the demands on your life, By working with a coach your program adapts to you, not the other way around. Based on whether your goal is a 5k race, marathon, or you just want to run in order to live a healthier lifestyle, our programs are coach approved and guaranteed to be both safe and effective if you put the work in. Our program includes: 

  • Initial assessment to determine your movement patterns, your running technique, your lifestyle to determine training schedule

  • Access to our online learning modules:  Psychology, Nutrition, Strength, Running, Recovery

  • Strength Training programs based on your injury history as well as exercise history.

  • Running analysis and customized training runs to fit your goals

  • Individualized recovery programs 

  • Individualized nutrition coaching 

  • Access to a private running Facebook group 

  • 24/7 Text and Email support

  • Weekly accountability check-ins based on your progress

  • Year long support

  • And much more


As you can see we take this stuff seriously. We also feel it’s important to train with a brain. This means exercising appropriately, recovering appropriately, and eating appropriately. Book your call today to see if you'd be a good fit to work with our team.


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Our unique coaching program is designed to make you not only a better runner but an overall healthier athlete. Our programs are all based on a 3 month to one year commitment in order to make lasting changes that will  make you a truly stronger runner.  Our program begins with an initial consultation to understand your underlying exercise history, goals, motivations, assess how your body moves (our secret sauce), and determine your individualized strength, nutrition, and running plan. Our program is education based and you'll have access to our learning modules. In these modules you'll be asked to watch videos, download pdf's, and do small assignments each week. An educated runner is a stronger runner. These modules will coincide with our 3-12 month program. With the ongoing vision, motivation, and accountability our coaches provide you with a blueprint for lifelong success. Take a look below at our different programs






“Training for my second marathon, first effort exposed some weakness in my training. I met the stronger runner team at Rhode Runner at a Strength for Runners Clinic, and decided to use them for my cross training/ strength training for the cycle. Immediate positive improvement in my running, dovetailed perfectly into my running cycle. Did a half as a reality check before the taper, and set a PR by almost 6 min over last season’s best. 
Training plan at the stronger runner was customized for my specific goal, and there was great continuity between my trainers and my running goals. Injury free through a tough training schedule with big fitness gains!”

Edith (Lincoln, MA)

“Great service with awesome programs specifically tailored to my needs! I have been using them for several years, and they always tailor my workouts to meet specific goals and their programs perfectly dovetail with my other running goals. I’ve done four marathons – NYC, Chicago, Berlin, and Boston!  Very positive and upbeat team!”

Kate K  (Providence, RI)

“I’ve been using the Stronger Runner for over 10 years. The trainers have trained me for 7x Pan Mass Challenges, multiple 1/2 marathons and 5k’s, and throw in a couple of triathlons as well! Great positive energy all the time – and super challenging work outs that they change up constantly. Can’t recommend these trainers enough”

Diane (Boston, MA)


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