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The Stronger Runner

Strength, Nutrition, and Run Coaching Programs For Female Runners Over 50

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Welcome To The Stronger Runner


I'm Coach Matt founder of The Stronger Runner Success Path.

When I first started coaching runners back in 2006, I had no idea how to combine nutrition, strength, and a sound running plan to create an end result that consistently created results. Then (almost by accident) I created what’s become the The Stronger Runner Success Path. That formula has become the gold standard for improving strength, better nutrition habits, and of course running stronger as we age. It’s literally transformed the way I coach. And it’s also helped me enrich so many others lives.

Here’s how it happened…

"Turned 50 last year. Found Stronger Runner on FB. Took a chance to see what it offered since I’d been running on my own for several years. One of the best choices I’ve made. My diet and energy has improved, I’ve lost weight, have kept that weight off and my running 🏃‍♀️ improved! I learned how to recover after runs and hard workouts and this probably is the best lesson I’ve learned. Matt has been amazing keeping me on track, giving me workouts and run schedules that I enjoy! I’m not having to do crazy 3 hour workouts daily to keep in shape like I was doing. Thank you Matt for being a positive force in my life!!"

Denise G
Oklahoma, USA

"It’s ok to to Reflect back and smile. Wow!! After looking at all the races, awards, finisher medals, fun times and photos with friends ...I really have accomplished so much this year with Running (before the world shut down) and we all went virtual! 😡 😢 Today was the Run Houston Series University of Houston Virtual 5K Race .So, with a positive mindset, I put on my favorite shoes and a big ole smile and out the door I went. Coach, I believe I achieved a PR Time 0:39:37 Actually, I’m running a little bit faster now than I did at some races when I was 65. Big shout out to Coach Matt!!! Thank you Coach Matt for all of your encouraging words AND for the amazing running program you have put together for me. Hope is not canceled. God’s colors were very vivid today during my run. Blessed to be running at 66!"

Sharon G
Houston, Tx

"I suffered from a hip injury. I had to stop running due to the pain and was frustrated and a bit lost. I found The Stronger Runner on Facebook. After my first consultation I knew coach was knowledgeable, true and very interested in helping me get back to running. He developed a plan just for me. Now I am running again! Thanks Coach Matt"

Gay P.
Kentucky, USA

"Depressed I turned to Coach Matt from The Stronger Runner who patiently provided an easy, consistent fitness plan that has gradually shown results. My stamina improves, my recovery rate improves while my attitude enhances my lifestyle by working with Coach Matt. Thank You for all you do!"

Marlene S
Colorado, USA

"I found Coach Matt on Facebook. I was overtrained and exhausted and thinking of my running days are over when I met Coach Matt. I found him to be caring and patient with me. He listens when I question him and takes time to explain. My running form has improved tremendously and I can’t wait to run a marathon again when Covid is over. Thanks coach Matt for giving me a chance to run again happy!"

Nagy S
New Jersey, USA

"Being 63 years old and looking for a coach to help me run a smarter, stronger marathon I saw The Stronger Runner on Facebook. His program is full service: focusing on stretching, breathing and strength training, A full service personal nutritional program...which is very supportive. Not to mention the very personalized running program. My only regrets is that I didn’t find Coach Matt sooner."

Connie C
Chicago, IL

"I was looking for a running coach geared towards over 50 year old runners. After searching the internet I found coach The Stronger Runner. I wanted to run a full marathon and knew I could not do it on my own. After finishing over 15 half marathons I needed help with more distance, endurance and strength, just more. Coach Matt came to my rescue. With his guidance and encouragement I noticed a big difference in my strength and running after only a few months of working his program. All my friends thought I was crazy for wanting to want to run a full at age 66. Coach Matt didn’t even bat an eye in-fact he was the voice of encouragement! Thanks Coach Matt!"

Anita C
Ohio, USA

"I could honestly write an entire chapter on the positive changes I’ve experienced since training with Coach Matt. It is only because of his belief in me (because there were days I didn’t believe in myself) that I am where I am today and will fulfill my lifelong dream of completing a marathon at the age of 60! If you are looking for an extremely knowledgeable, kind, encouraging, compassionate and relatable coach, he’s your guy!! I will forever be grateful for his coaching on and off the road."

Trish K
Colorado, USA

Stronger Runner Success Path.

Learn the training secrets to guide our runners to success. This step by step guide is how we guide our runners from strength training, nutrition, mindset, and running not only safely but in a system that effective time and again. 

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