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My name is Matthew Gagliano and I’m a strength, nutrition, and running coach and the founder of the Stronger Runner.
But things were much different years ago. I too struggled with putting together the perfect training program for marathon runners.
Either the program was too difficult, just focused on running, or didn’t take the individuals needs into account.
I just wanted to coach my clients to run confidently without the fear of injury.
But after fighting against the feeling that I wasn’t providing a complete training program for my clients and struggling for several years, I made an unexpected discovery.
One of my clients got HURT. Yup, I admit it. She hurt her knee during a training session. My program failed her.
So I stopped training runners over a decade ago and recommitted myself to learn everything I could about the entire training process. I took courses, studied hard, hired a coach and a mentor, and spent money making myself the best coach I could be.
And once I embraced what I learned I developed what I thought was a bulletproof system to get my runners confidently across the finish line...injury free.
Naturally, I was skeptical of my own results. So I thought why not run a little test with some of my runners and see if it would work for them too.
And to my surprise, it worked for a majority of them!
Obviously, there’s no single training plan that works for everyone, but I was amazed that this worked so well even for my runners who never ran a marathon before or the ones dealing with a prior running injury. It even worked for those who didn’t have a ton of time to train or had tried almost everything to run a marathon with little to show for their efforts.
I knew I was onto something. And since then, I’ve been able to help hundreds of runners with this same discovery.
And because I’m on a mission to have runners actually enjoy their training...
I feel it’s my duty to share this discovery (that has worked so well for our runners) with you!
And it’s all revealed inside a FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP that you can attend right now, here
Inside you’ll discover:
- Why training for a half or full marathon isn’t just a 16 week process
- Why strength training is the secret sauce to injury prevention 💪
- How to incorporate proper nutrition for recovery and performance into your life 🍎
- Why recovery methods are absolutely necessary for runners over the age of 50 🛌
- How to individualize your program even if you’re pressed for time 🕐
This online workshop is FREE to attend and it’s only for runners over the age of 50 who are serious about completing their first half or full marathon or setting a personal best in their next race!
Space is limited so grab your spot here 👉

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